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30th-Sep-2006 01:43 pm - Apologies.
I'm really really really really sorry for my lack of updates!

I will do a proper one later, or, if not, tomorrow, but I'm going to play shinty in about 2 1/2 minutes...Shinty is a Scottish game...Oh, here's the link....Shinty

Anyway, I've been busy, which is really good...Had cricket training from 10-12 this morning, then had lunch, and now...don't know what I'm doing tonight. Maybe DVD night, maybe going to a friend of a friend's party...maybe both...Yeah, anyway...

I have a ball on Friday :) So I bought a dress yesterday...I'll post a picture soon, I promise.

Ok, have to get ready....or I'll be late..again ;)
22nd-Sep-2006 05:02 pm - Alive...

Hi everyone...

Yes, I am still alive...

Since yesterday, I have internet in my room, which is pretty exciting…Sitting here now, listening to the Ryder Cup…It’s going pretty well, I have to say…I played golf yesterday. Well, putting, this was very cool. We were right next to the famous Old Course…saw the bridge and everything!

I have done so much this week…(including getting in to bed at 2:45 last night….!) Today was the first morning I’ve NOT been to breakfast…but I have fruit and tea in my room, so that’s ok. The food is pretty good actually, all things considered…

Well…did “speed meeting” this afternoon, which was okay…It would have been a lot better had it been at the start of the week though. I knew most of the people there though…

There are still loads of people in my hall I don’t know though…there are 284 of us though! I keep meeting people and forgetting their names which is slightly embarrassing. However, everybody else is doing the same thing…

Ok, I have to go if I want to get a cup of tea before dinner. Then there’s a “bop” in the Union later which is apparently a really big thing. Have to dress in black and gold, which are my hall colours….

14th-Sep-2006 05:00 pm - SCOTLAND :P
Weird, weird, weird. I'm leaving for the airport in a couple of hours. Still have a few things to pack...but I can't fit them in so they have to go in my Dad's bag :P I actually think I'm travelling extremely light, all things considered...CD Player and tennis racquet take up 1/2 a bag by themselves!

Went out for lunch with my Mum and Dad today...I ate healthily today though...Roman Salad, then pork, then watermelon...:D Was delicious.

Gosh...this is such a weird feeling!!

Oh yeah, stay away from him people! *holds on to Stuart* :P

Ok, I promised I'd post, and I have. It's not very interesting, I know but....

*off to check I have everything and pray that we don't have another storm...we had another huge one last night...*
14th-Sep-2006 12:17 am - Surviving.
Well, I'm still up, at 00:17. And no, I've not had a siesta.

It's actually very interesting to note that I can last out a day (being relatively normal!) on just over 2 1/2 hours sleep. Thts knowledge could come in useful.

However, I should go to bed.

I didn't get to Tarragona to do my ID card...problems with trains. Have to do it in December.

Omg. In less than 24 hours, I shall be landing in Scotland. I'm really really excited. But it, in a way, seems like something separate...it's not me that its happening to...weird, I know. I'm packed now, apart from the studd I have to put in tomorrow. Or later today...whatever you want to call it.

My Dad didn't get to bed last night...therefore I'm quite proud of the sleep I got.

Met 2 friends for lunch today, which was really really good. Nice meal - with a gorgeous chocolate brownie for dessert...really bad, but delicious. And I took Hanya for a walk this evening so I must have made up for it a bit...lol.

Right, I'll try and post tomorrow, since my flight isn't until late. If not though, I'll post at some point...I'm staying with my grandparents thursday night, friday and saturday and they do have internet but I don't know if I'll be able to hijack it. I'll do my best though. And you have my mobile number...don't you? Well, Shaar has the English one anyway....
13th-Sep-2006 01:36 am - Thunderstorms...
Just had a fucking terrifying car journey *shudders* It really wasn't nice.

I can't properly describe it. There were about 5 incredible storms going on, which I don't actually mind, too much, but it was just the rain...Absolutely torrential. As in, you couldn't see out the windscreen for some of it...so scary. Not being able to see the markings on the road...I've never been so glad that I wasn't driving.

It's just, we were on the motorway and you couldn't go more than about 30km per hour for some of it. And when there were no cars behind us, we were driving in the middle of the road because there was so much water at the sides and it was making the car slip...

The other thing that didn't help was the fact that I wasn't in our car...or with someone I knew well at all driving. It was a friend of my Mum and Dad's because they'd had to rush off to the airport (with us!) because we were out and there were problems with the tour groups coming in (because of the weather.) Don't know what's going on with those, but I'm staying up, even though I'm actually tired, because I had to take their house keys. If they aren't here in 10 minutes though, I'm going to bed anyway and they can phone me when they get home. I have to get up at about 7 tomorrow anyway, to go to Tarragona to get my ID card. Well, to get fingerprints taken for my ID card. I'm going to be dead in the morning.

Then I'm going out for lunch with some friends...

I've packed most of my stuff. I rule :P

Cricket...some weird things. Shame about the lack of Broad in the Champions Trophy. Can't believe Giles was picked for the Ashes ahead of Jamie Dalrymple. Surprised Ali Cook was left out of the Champions Trophy. And disappointed that, once again, Jamie Foster has been overlooked. What more does he have to do? But yes, the centrally contracted players rule the roost. </ RANT>

And Leicester City are being stupid again. How have we lost the last 2 matches?

EDIT:\\\ It is now 5:50, and I'm up. What a night. J'explique:

The passengers coming in from Manchester finally landed at about 1am, so Mum and Dad took them to the hotel. I gave up at 2, and went to bed, as they were going to phone me when they got in so I could come and unlock. However, meanwhile, there was still a Glasgow flight. This should have landed at 21:30, but had had to circle for about 1 hour or so because it couldn't land due to the thunderstorm. It then got diverted to Valencia to refuel, as it had been circling for so long. THEN, it came back up here, to Reus, but once again couldn't land. The storms were just...so loud. And the rain was so hard. The plane got hit by lightning, but is okay...Eventually, it got sent to Barcelona. Which is where my Dad is now, picking them up with the coach. Mum phoned me at just gone 5, to say she was here, so I woke up and let her in. So, I got about 2 3/4 hours sleep, but if I go back to bed now, I'll be even more tired, since  I was going to have to get up at 6:45 to phone the train company:- My Dad can't take me to do the ID card thing, because obviously he has to look after his passengers, so I have to get the train. Which is fine, if they are running...if the roads aren't flooded...if the tracks aren''t flooded...

I kind of want them not to be running...then I can go back to bed.
11th-Sep-2006 01:25 am - *yawns*
Noemi, your insomnia is once again being infectious. I go to bed at gone 2, but am up by around 8:30. But I'm not giving in to the nap temptation...though my sister did today.

Last night was absolutely fantastic. Trains were stupid, so I, and a friend, ended up getting there late. We actually went into the restaurant at about 22:50. I was starving. Anyway, so we ate (entrecote and baked potato) and had a bit to drink. Not too much...although, having ordered 2 huge  jugs of sangria, due to the fact that down our end of the table, one guy wasn't drinking it, Ana and I managed to drink the whole jug between us. The other 5 people shared the other one :S We couldn't quite believe that at the end...pretty funny though :P

Then we headed off into the area of town where all the bars are...saw loads of people from school etc....won't see them again for ages. Then we claimed the terrace of a closed restaurant and sat there talking for hours. Got back to Ana's house at just gone 4:30 in the morning...So, when I did wake up at 8, I was able to get back to sleep! Got up just before 11, then got the 12 o'clock train home.

Was excellent, because it meant I saw most of the cricket. Oh yes, and my French teacher was on the train!!! I couldn't believe it...so we spent the 1/2 hour talking French...was slightly weird...Lol.

Go England :D We are awesome. 2-2 in the series after all. Shame Stuart didn't get a wicket, but he bowled pretty well. Gosh...I'M nervous for the squad announcements on Tuesday, so I can't even begin to imagine how the players must be feeling.

Arrgh. I'm not tired. But I should go to bed. I have so much to do in the next few days. Packing...shopping....ID card getting...going out for lunch with various people...etc etc.
9th-Sep-2006 08:33 pm - 5 days to go...
Today reminded me of many of the reasons why I often hate being a football supporter...*grumbles* 

West Brom 2 Leicester 0. 0-0 until 83 minutes, then Kenton scored an own goal. Then on 88 minutes Kisnorbo conceded a penalty. Unbelievable. Crazy own goal. Arrrgh.

Livingston won though. And are top again. By themselves.

This  really worried me, but it sounds like he's okay. And Jimmy Bullard got injured really badly for Fulham too :( Awful. I know that's part of sport, but...

Right, I'm going out tonight...:D Last time I'll see some of my friends before we all go to uni...The majority of them are staying around here, so I will see them when I come back on holiday...Only in Spain though - we're meeting at 10:30 for dinner, then going out afterwards...should be great. Peruvian restaurant - I've never been. I'm getting the train in just under an hour, but I'm ready...almost.  I'll take some photos (and show off my haircut :P)

Ok, best of luck to England tomorrow! They were great yesterday, and I do believe we can square this series! *fingers crossed* Champions Trophy squad announced tomorrow too..*crosses fingers for Stuart Broad - see avatar :P)
5th-Sep-2006 03:26 pm - Neglect...
I've kind of neglected this, so I'm sorry...but the cricket starts in 5 minutes so I have to go and torture myself with that for a bit...

Quick update:

1) The bbq was excellent
2) The football was great (even if it was only Andorra)
3) The cricket....wasn't. But Leicestershire are awesome.

I've also started packing for uni - put all my warm clothes in the case...

Going shoe shopping tomorrow, then I'm having my haircut on Thursday. 

That's about it. Oh yeah, but Spain won the basketball :D

In my next update, I'll post some photos, I promise, to make up for the shortness of this entry...

Oh crap. Trescothick's just got out first ball. Why do we bother???
2nd-Sep-2006 12:48 am - Arrgh.
My foot is really sore. And I’m sitting here at gone  00:30, watching the livescores of Ferrero being thrashed. So no, I’m not particularly happy. And he’s just been broken in the 3rd. *grumbles*
On a happier note, I’ve discovered I’m NOT in the all girls wing at Uni Hall, which is always good. I’ve never been one to just go around with those of my own sex; I enjoy the company of males too. So I can put up with being in Room 13 for that :P Honestly though, its just another number to me…
Off to a barbecue tomorrow evening. (Yes, again!) So I don’t know when I’ll be around. And I’ll miss the football. And the end of the cricket.
Oh yes, and at least Murray won. And Leicestershire are doing slightly better. Then again, its hard to do worse than 8 for 3….
The foot – I managed to rip a load of skin off playing tennis. I thought it was just a blister, but clearly not. So it’s all red and raw. But I’m brave, and I played tennis today too. It was really sore though! I wouldn’t have played had it not been my last lesson before I go to uni!
31st-Aug-2006 09:21 am - 2 weeks.
2 weeks today I leave for Scotland. How weird is that?! 

I've found out I'm on the Floor D in University Hall....Climbing the stairs woiuld be a good way to keep fit I guess :P  There's so much going on for Freshers Week....both organised by the university and by the hall. There's a ceiligh ;) (sp?!) So my Scottish dancing skills *ahem* will come in handy. I've been to one before though - my grandparents had one for their golden wedding celebration. And we did Scottish dancing a bit in gym (blame the fact that I had a Scottish gym teacher :P) I'm looking forward to it. A bit nervous too, because it's a big change - I cant just go home at a weekend if I'm feeling homesick! lol....Not that I'm planning to get homesick anyway!! There seems to be laods to do. (and classes too of course!)

Right. Plans....I really should do something today. Yesterday I didn't do much. WElll....I slept till 10, which is pretty amazing for me. I never sleep that long. Oh yeah, I remember now. I spent most of the morning trying to fix the computers. Not MY computer, the home ones....they were being stupid. Not the internet this time....Anyway, I think I did it. At least temporarily....so it'll hold on till my Dad gets back on Saturday. 

Tennis class is awesome this week. There's not many of us - yesterday we were 3, and the others are both guys. They hit the ball so hard, so it's a challenge, and I love a challenge!!! Hope it's the same 3 this afternoon. It's hard work, but great. And hot. 

I think it's probably a good job it rained in the cricket. Yay for Stuart Broad though (see userpic :P) He reminds me a bit of Jimmy Anderson, with the knack of taking wickets. What a ball to get rid of Malik. Gough was so unlucky though. Read and Tresco seem to have a certain lack of understanding behind the wicket which needs to be sorted!!! Ian Bell was great too. 

Murray and Henman are through. Don't know how much more we're going to see of Rusedski....Ferrero and Nadal won too. I went to bed at midnight last night! How strange. First time since I've been in England that I've gone to bed so early. 

Soph's at work. Nick's in bed, and Mum's Hanya walking. Peaceful. Maybe I should go and get dressed.
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