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18th-May-2008 12:03 pm - 6 days to go...
This time in 6 days, I'll be done with 2nd year at uni. Seriously How on earth has this happened? I really don't understand. This year has gone so quickly, though so much has happened. I'm not going to get all sentimental now though, don't worry!  - I still have 2 exams to get through and do not want to jinx it ;)

In fact, I should be studying right now...but I am very bored of revision so will probably start again properly after lunch. Just listening to the cricket right now, Strauss has just got his 50. Come on England ;) Also trying to figure out whether i can justify going to try and find the Tigers match this afternoon in town. I really want to but know I should revise...hmm.

So, Manchester in the next round of BUSA on the 28th May. I cannot wait - especially as it is at home. I'll be done with exams, just relaxing (and partying etc!) and it will be amazing...I can't help but dream of beating them either!

Plan for the week then:-

1) International Relations exam on Tuesday
2) Study Spanish! - Not done any yet because i have been concentrating on IR.
3) Watch Champions League final - i think it may quite possibly be an awful match but I'm still going to watch it, obviously. Actually quite enjoyed the FA Cup yesterday though im not a fan of Portsmouth or Cardiff.
4) Interview!! Have a job interview for working at the sports centre over the summer!! This is a job I really, really want...so am keeping pretty much everything crossed.
5) Sports Reps meeting on Thursday night
6) Spanish exam, Saturday morning.

And then it'll all be done....And I'll have a whole week here, a whole week of freedom before term officially ends. Amazing. I just want to do these exams now..

Not a lot else to talk about really.  Last week was not particularly excited - just involved revision,. "occasional" procrastination and lots of long chats with people. I am actually slowly going insane from this revision/exam atmosphere. I was talking to an ant earlier when i was revising outside - thats how cool I am :P

Good luck to anyone else who has exams! xx
12th-May-2008 08:35 pm - Where has the time gone?!
Ok, so its apparently exam time again. How on earth has this happened? I swear, this academic year has been the fastest of my life, by a long way...and yet so much has happened. I definitely wish I'd kept up better with LJ, if only for the fact that it at least provides some type of reference for what happened when....

I have 2 exams coming up, International Relations on the 20th and then Spanish on the 24th. I'm sure they will be okay as long as I actually work for the next couple of weeks - which I am plannig to do! I've done a bit today. Just have to keep going I guess! I don't know the mark for my last essay yet; hopefully that will be marked in the next couple of days and then I'll know how much I have to work on from the themes we've covered for IR.

So, since the last time I posted -
  1. I've been to Dublin.
    1. It was awesome. I had a great couple of days, saw all the sights, stayed in a swelteringly hot hostel (not so cool!), and had a nice break.
  2. I also went home for a week, which was absolutely amazing. I needed 'hometime' so badly, and hadn't even realised. Did manage to be ill when I was at home but I guess you can't have everything ;)
  3. I have also had 4 weeks of classes in St Andrews, and now I'm on Revision Week.
Cricket has also, while not TAKEN OVER my life, certainly been playing a big part. Excuse me while I celebrate for a second....


Sorry....so.,. we beat York yesterday and we've finished top of the BUSA Northern Division 1A, which is pretty impressive and definitely unexpected. We get to play a trophy match now on the 28th May - I can't wait. I took 2-23 off my 7 overs yesterday :D and got an award at our end of season dinner for 'Most Improved Bowler' I finally feel properly at home in the club.

Also had a variety of parties in hall and out of it, ranging from the very respectable to the...not quite so. What can I say...free vodka occasionally gets a bit too much...but perhaps we better leave it there.

Plus, a variety of boy issues...but again, the less said about that, the better ;)

And, I guess I couldn't post without mention my darling Leicester City. I still can't quite believe we will be playing League One football next season. *sigh* I honestly didn't think it would happen - we had enough quality to stay up, but we didn't score enough goals, simple as that. We paid the price for having switched managers so many times in the season. I genuinely believe Holloway should be given a chance to bring us straight back up - we really need some stability. I will always support them, of course but...they do make it hard sometimes. The amount of stick I have had to put up with as well!

Oh well...much as I'm dreading it, I better get back to revision. Immanuel Kant awaits ;)

19th-Mar-2008 05:26 pm - Time
There just aren't enough hours in the day for everything that I want to do. I'm sure I'm not the only person that has that problem, but it doesn't seem to be helped at the moment by the fact that I'm really struggling to sleep, when I eventually do get to bed.

Apart from that, life is good. Confusing, but good. And I'm on holiday a week on Friday for 2 weeks...but have 3 pieces of assessed work to do before then. As well as tutorials for which I have not prepared at all.

Promise I will post a proper update soon, this doesn't count. But just to let you know that i'm still around, physically at least.....
11th-Feb-2008 01:58 pm - Back chez moi
Ok, so look - its only been a couple of weeks since my last post, I'm trying!

Got back to St Andrews on Wednesday night after my break, really, really nice to be back and catch up with people and just be here for a few days without having classes. Had my first class this morning, my timetable is looking pretty sweet for this semester, though i do have a couple of 4pm lectures, which i absolutely hate.

So, my break:

Dinner with the archbishop was...different. Can't say I've done anything like that before, but he was an interesting guy, so the evening didn't drag on much. I was ready for him to go by the time he called a taxi - mostly because i wanted to watch the football tbh!

France was also a lot of fun. Nice to see my family even if it was just for a few days. We went for a 12km walk along the Canal du Midi one of the days which was good - though my dog did manage to fall in the canal! Was hilarious.

Generally been partying since I got back here too - went round to someone's house on Thursday night, Union on Friday (got slightly drunk...oops!), then it was my friends 21st on Saturday night so didn't actually get to bed until 6am! Good fun though, it must be said. And this week is already filling up rapidly, and thats even before I start working properly. Also figured out that my first essay is due on the 7th March so I should probably read Cien anos de Soledad pretty soon!

I get the feeling this is going to be a good semester!

Speaking of which. That's what I'm going to do for a while. Cricket practice at 5 but apart from that im free for the rest of the day!

27th-Dec-2006 08:10 pm - Madrid
Hope everyone had a great Christmas Day...I did! And I hope Santa was good to you all ;)

Before I go on: WE LOVE YOU LEICESTER!!!!!!!! 2 away wins in a row, 10 points out of a possible 12...things are slightly more positive now!! Up to the dizzy heights of 16th now. (out of 24)

Ok, I can't stay on long, I have to get some dinner in a minute...

going to Madrid tomorrow (until the 31st) to see the city...never been there so it should be good! we're going to go to the Prado museum, the Bernabeu (yes Shaar!!!}), a theme park...en fin, we're going to be busy!!

Not really done much the last couple of days...just kind of used my presents, (and my brothers!) taken Hanya for a long walk...played lots of family games...so its been nice!

Ok, I should go!

Happy New Year everyone!
20th-Dec-2006 06:48 pm - *cough*
Um...*looks sheepish* I'm still alive...

I have just been so busy in St Andrews...the last few weeks were crazy. Deadlines galore, and Xmas balls and parties and meals...awesome, but so busy...and I jetlagged myself through the cricket. Which I'm not talking about. At all.

But now, I'm home :D:D I'm so happy. I mean, I loved my first term, it was fantastic. But it's nice to be back...and see everyone.

I went Xmas shopping today...not that I was cutting it fine. Really...! Got almost everything though :D Then I went to my old school to see my brother in the Xmas show....IT was a weird feeling...seeing my old teachers and friends. Nice though. And my brother made an excellent Santa, of course!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I can't believe I'll be 19...exciting times. Going out for lunch...I have no idea what I'm getting though. It'll be a nice surprise...

1 problem though - I have been scottish-ified...I can't cope with these Spanish eating times anymore...I'm starving by 6:00pm! It's not right....on the other hand though, I'm not feeling the cold here...

Ok, I'm going to go and try and persuade my parents that we should eat now...

I will TRY and post again soon....
14th-Nov-2006 11:31 pm - Reading Week...
Last week I was in Glasgow because I had no classes....- Reading Week!! I had such a good week.....but I had no internet connection, so thats why I didn't post...

but anyway...HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!! I'm so sorry I missed it..I hope you had a good time anyway...

Reading Week: - i didn't do that much, aside from get fed constantly by my grandmother(!) but it was relaxing. I also managed to basically avoid doing any reading which is slightly worrying, but there you are. I went shopping..including for a blanket since my room is cold! I also managed to catch up on some sleep. But I'm still pretty tired, and I really should go to bed. Especially since I have a test tomorrow...but I don't have a 9:00 lecture, so I'm happy.

I played hockey tonight in the inter residence tournament...we came 2nd on goal difference. So annoying. Still unbeaten though I guess so I can't really complain! We're top of the league, which is fantastic! It was a lot of fun.  I didn't score, but I set one up....It was just what I needed because I had a really busy day - stuff at 9, 10, 11, 12, 3 and 5...it was awful!

Oh yeah, and I met Neil Lennon! As in the Ex international, ex Leicester and current Celtic player! He was so nice...it was so cool! :D We had a really long conversation.../

Ok, I really should go to bed. I was going to have an early night but...no!
3rd-Nov-2006 12:02 am(no subject)
My body is craving sleep. Seriously. Tonight is the first night in a week that I haven't been out....it hs just been crazy. And I had 1.5 hours of cricket training tonight so that exhausted me too!

Anyways...so, this week I went out on Sunday to the Union and we did a pub quiz...39/45! Not bad I don't think....we still came 4th though...

Monday - Cricket social...which was good fun. But did involve a slight downing of a vodka and lemonade...*~cough* And apple bobbing....Twas a lot of fun though. And I didn't stay too late (in comparison to how long it went on for because I had a french test on Tuesday!)

Speaking of french tests...lets not. I don't see the point of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Unless you are doing linguistics...and I'm not.

Anyway, Tuesday was halloween so obviously HAD *cough* to go out then. Got home just before 2....least I didn't have a 9 o'clock lecture the next day...though I did have one at 10.

Wednesday...just went to watch the football. Then to watch the fresher medics being taken all over St Andrews tied together and having eggs/flour....whatever...thrown at them.

Oh yes, and I haven't missed a lecture. And I've done MOST of the reading. ok, so I haven't started reading the french lit book but...I'll do that next week.

Next week is Reading Week :D I can't wait. I need it to catch up on my sleep. I'm off to Glasgow on Monday until Friday...And its Bonfire Night this weekend :D

It's really cold though, all of a sudden...as in, frosts, frozen puddles etc...They've put the Christmas lights up! I'm so excited....I'm going to buy a blanket and a hot water bottle next week though! I think it could come in very handy!

I think I should go to bed. I like fridays, I don't have anything until 11...its the only day of the week...now I have to decide whether to go to breakfast or not...these complicated decisions....
27th-Oct-2006 07:32 pm - Quick...
I'm about to go to a Halloween party here in hall so this is just to let you know that Im alive...

I've also got tons of work to do at the moment...2,000 word essay nearly finished though....it was hard work. We have Reading Week the week after next so there is loads of stuff due in before then.

Ok, I have to go....free vodka bar and all that ;)

I'll post properly soon...
3rd-Oct-2006 04:36 pm - I promised....
Just a couple of days late...

Ok, recent events:

I've been out quite a bit...this last week has kind of been about recovering from Freshers Week though! Didn't stay out too late any night of the weekend...it was 1:00 I think, Friday and Saturday...Sunday I watched the football with a friend...

Last night was pretty awesome. We (as it, about 15 girls!) colonized the big TV room, and watched Clueless and Dirty Dancing...and had loads of sweets and stuff there. Then people kept coming  in to watch with us, including some guys, despite their pretence that the films were too "soppy" for them....:P Was hilarious. I love those 2 films....classics. Went to bed about 12, which was a bit of a mistake since I had a 9:00 lecture this morning but...it was so nice.

Yeah so, I had 3 lectures this morning, French language, International Relations ans Spanish lit, then I had a french oral class this afternoon! Busy...

It was so irratating at lunch today. I had literally just started eating, taken 2 bites of a delicious, piping hot lasagna, then the fire alarm rang. No one knows why, but it did. So I had to leave my poor food :P And I was so hungry! Always am because I have to rush back from Spanish class to get there before 1:25, when they stop serving, then of course, by the time the fire brigade came and gave the all clear, it wasn't hot any more. Consequently, I'm starving...not too long till dinner at 6. I'm not going to snack though. I'm being good this week. Apart from the stuff last night....

Anyway, I'm being good because of the Opening Ball on Friday :) I'm really excited...Apparently there is going to be a huge marquee and stuff...and hopefully it's not too cold ;)

Ok...I should actually do some work. Spanish. Or French...Hmmm..these decisions ;) Least it's stopped raining now...*random* Or I might just go visiting someone....

Oh yeah, and Noemi, your question from the last entry...I'll talk to you on MSN about that ;)
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