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My body is craving sleep. Seriously. Tonight is the first night in a… 
3rd-Nov-2006 12:02 am
My body is craving sleep. Seriously. Tonight is the first night in a week that I haven't been out....it hs just been crazy. And I had 1.5 hours of cricket training tonight so that exhausted me too!

Anyways...so, this week I went out on Sunday to the Union and we did a pub quiz...39/45! Not bad I don't think....we still came 4th though...

Monday - Cricket social...which was good fun. But did involve a slight downing of a vodka and lemonade...*~cough* And apple bobbing....Twas a lot of fun though. And I didn't stay too late (in comparison to how long it went on for because I had a french test on Tuesday!)

Speaking of french tests...lets not. I don't see the point of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Unless you are doing linguistics...and I'm not.

Anyway, Tuesday was halloween so obviously HAD *cough* to go out then. Got home just before 2....least I didn't have a 9 o'clock lecture the next day...though I did have one at 10.

Wednesday...just went to watch the football. Then to watch the fresher medics being taken all over St Andrews tied together and having eggs/flour....whatever...thrown at them.

Oh yes, and I haven't missed a lecture. And I've done MOST of the reading. ok, so I haven't started reading the french lit book but...I'll do that next week.

Next week is Reading Week :D I can't wait. I need it to catch up on my sleep. I'm off to Glasgow on Monday until Friday...And its Bonfire Night this weekend :D

It's really cold though, all of a sudden...as in, frosts, frozen puddles etc...They've put the Christmas lights up! I'm so excited....I'm going to buy a blanket and a hot water bottle next week though! I think it could come in very handy!

I think I should go to bed. I like fridays, I don't have anything until 11...its the only day of the week...now I have to decide whether to go to breakfast or not...these complicated decisions....
3rd-Nov-2006 08:28 am (UTC)
Good to hear from you again ...

... but ...

... do make sure you get some sleep sometime!
3rd-Nov-2006 10:29 am (UTC)
*chuckles* you sound like a proper student! :P
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